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About us

Natalie (Australian) and Muriel (French) are proud to bring to you rougestore, a new company importing contemporary French homeware into Australia.

So far we have selected 2 French brands to make available to you in Australia: Petit Jour for children and Artiga for the home and for everyday stylish accessories.

At the Mathilda Market on the 15th March, we introduced our kids’ homeware and stationary.
These beautiful products feature two very special and much loved French characters:
Le Petit Prince, an idealistic and dreamlike character whose simple wisdom has touched millions of children and adults all over the world. Written by St Exupéry and first published in1943, this novel is often studied at school in Australia;
and Kirikou, a strong and fearless African boy, hero of the most successful 1998 French film from Michel Ocelot. The film has been screened at ACMI in Melbourne, it has received numerous awards internationally and is already studied in French schools.

Here is a bit about the Basque linen itself.

Weaving is a centuries-old tradition in Béarn and the Basque Region, first in linen then in cotton after the 19th century.Artiga was founded in 1910 in the Basque Region, near the Spanish Border, in the South West of France. Since then, four generations of weavers have remained loyal to the Basque Spirit.

Basque Linens are made from high quality color resistant fabrics.Artiga's cotton comes
from Zambia or Egypt. The quality of this thread is the best guarantee of the strength
and resistance of the products.

The uniqueness of these linens comes from their 7 stripes representing the 7 provinces of the Basque Region: 3 French provinces and 4 Spanish ones. The palette of colors is inspired from the strong regional tones which associate thin and wide stripes, the genuine signature of Basque fabrics. The patterns designed nowadays are a variation of the old mante à boeufs which was meant to protect working cattle from insects.

Today Basque linen enjoys an unprecedented reputation: elegantly hard wearing and of high quality. Bringing together tradition, style and innovation, today Artiga is creating designs to enliven your interiors and your everyday life.

We hope you will enjoy those everyday very special French products now available in Australia.